Sunday, 7 September 2008

Run for it!

Another afternoon out running the moor, this time around Ryders Hill and the Avon. Most of the route was an absolute bog after the recent torrent of rain. I returned back at Combestone Tor two hours after setting out. I have to say I felt totally drained, and yet I can spend three hours running up and down a Scottish mountain and feel less deprived of energy - why? I can only suppose that boggy ground (continuous) must have a cumulative and continual drag on energy levels in a similar way to ABS braking I suppose. Never mind all good training and plenty of sweat. I knew that rain was going to be good for something!


John Hee said...

probably quicker to have gone for a swim this weekend

Shamus said...

No that's tomorrow John; 0700 hrs down to the pool for a quick 2km in the lanes...

Perhaps I should take up burger eating instead, it seems a lot easier, and I am damn sure there is more nutritional value in it rather than these spring greens I had for supper with some cold fish!

Ahh but then I would be unfit and would have to reduce my pack weight to compensate, before you know it I will be wearing a decorators mask and claiming that a 100g tarp is all that is needed for the British winter.

(blimey I think I have stumbled upon something)