Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Evening On The South Moor

A short outing tonight: a run from Cold East Cross up to Whittabarrow and across to Tunhill Rocks heading for Bonehill and then back across Top and Pill Tor. Interstingly enough (or at least I find it is) is a granite water trough carved out of the rock in situ at Tunhill Rocks, it just sits their amidst the Tor either having been incomplete or perhaps the craftsman who started it passed on???

It is only a short run of about 45 minutes or so but it takes in asome fantastic scenery with views across to Princetown and Cut Hill. The route is under the shadow of Rippon Tor, which is a grand Tor standing proud to the SW of Haytor Rocks, now almost osolated by the roads that run past.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Ooouch 22km of bog and tussock

Well that really did hurt... I had planned a 27km run across the moor today but cut it short by visiting various sites of interest along the way (well they were interesting to me anyway) This included Green Hill and Great Gnats Head. Boggy ground and tussocks all the way around today barely an opportunity for flat ground. that was really tough going.

This weekend saw a flurry of activity; Starting with Friday night I decided a run may be in order. Camped at the Fox and Hounds Bridestow (North Moor) I ran to Brat and Arms Tor for some exercise. The weather (being a Dartmoor summer) closed in and left me with very little visibility. However not to be out-done I obviously made it back to the campsite!

Saturday was a great day out, a fast walk from Nodden Gate around Brat Tor found me into the boulder field at the foot of Hare Tor. Then descend into the Tavy. The river was in Half spate so I investigated the Watern Oke settlement before heading off to Sandy Ford across to Pinswell and up to Fur Tor. A Ravens nest now sits in the Tor - it was huge. I then headed across Fur Tor Brook and around little Kneeset heading toward the West Okement, up and over Amicombe hill, Green Tor Great Links and back to the Lyd at Nodden Gate. An assortment of Bloggers had camped there for the night, a great group of people who I found later in the pub with a pint or two.