Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter must be near!

So Easter Sunday Morning 2008 was great, I awoke in my Akto after a good day of sunshine on the Saturday which had propelled my walking buddies, Backpackbrewer Dave and Chairman Bill, and myself quite nicely through much of Southern Dartmoor, to find snow all around.

We then carried on through a mix of sleet, wind and then just plain ordinary hard hitting rain throughout the day.

Two years down the line and I looked out of my bedroom window this morning to see large chunks of snow floating past, this gave way to strong winds which in turn drove them past and eventually turned them to sleet. It got to around 3pm before I had to just bite the bullet and step out into a rather wintery scene in Princetown. No lying snow, but the wind was strong and the hailstones were hard!

Having made the effort to get outside, I embarked upon some site reviews for naviagtion training that I use on a regular basis. Dartmoor navigation is not as difficult as people think, or at least I dont think, Dartmoor navigation is a difficult as people think; if you see what I mean. But to give folk confidence, it really, really does help if the features they are tasked to find are actually on the ground ;-) So that was my task for today, navigate to and from know points that should be there, and in fairness to ordnance survey - they were.

It's just that the hail kept comming; dark bands of it approaching in a turbulent cold front. I didnt mind too much but I have to say that the spaniel started to complain after about and hour or so of this. Back home for tea and cakes then - obviously.

It was at this point, I thought - blimey Easter must be near.



Anonymous said...

Oh yes,

I remember that weekend and for a number of reasons, not least of which was the unexpected snow and chancing upon a newly born foal


Shamus said...

I forgot about the foal...

Anonymous said...

although to be fair, the best entertainment was reserved for the Saturday night. :)