Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Evening On The South Moor

A short outing tonight: a run from Cold East Cross up to Whittabarrow and across to Tunhill Rocks heading for Bonehill and then back across Top and Pill Tor. Interstingly enough (or at least I find it is) is a granite water trough carved out of the rock in situ at Tunhill Rocks, it just sits their amidst the Tor either having been incomplete or perhaps the craftsman who started it passed on???

It is only a short run of about 45 minutes or so but it takes in asome fantastic scenery with views across to Princetown and Cut Hill. The route is under the shadow of Rippon Tor, which is a grand Tor standing proud to the SW of Haytor Rocks, now almost osolated by the roads that run past.