Monday, 21 July 2008

This weekend saw a flurry of activity; Starting with Friday night I decided a run may be in order. Camped at the Fox and Hounds Bridestow (North Moor) I ran to Brat and Arms Tor for some exercise. The weather (being a Dartmoor summer) closed in and left me with very little visibility. However not to be out-done I obviously made it back to the campsite!

Saturday was a great day out, a fast walk from Nodden Gate around Brat Tor found me into the boulder field at the foot of Hare Tor. Then descend into the Tavy. The river was in Half spate so I investigated the Watern Oke settlement before heading off to Sandy Ford across to Pinswell and up to Fur Tor. A Ravens nest now sits in the Tor - it was huge. I then headed across Fur Tor Brook and around little Kneeset heading toward the West Okement, up and over Amicombe hill, Green Tor Great Links and back to the Lyd at Nodden Gate. An assortment of Bloggers had camped there for the night, a great group of people who I found later in the pub with a pint or two.


litehiker said...

I was one of the bloggers but you and I didn't actually speak. Maybe the others are more mouthy than me! My blog is at Please drop by some time.

fb said...

And that I shall litehiker. Yes they were rather vociferous. (I hope I got the correct spelling!)

John Hee said...

Not me matey - I kept schtum and let the beer talk for the others

Shamus said...

Hmmmm I dont think I was exactly stuck for words John.

Can you have a peek through this blog and drop me an email with your views?

Not sure where it is going, or indeed what I am doing so a nudge in the right direction might be good.

You will notice it seems to change format every hour or so - that is just me faffing!

AktoMan said...

LOL - only every hour! That's not good enough, Shamus ;-)

I had to explain to Alan at the weekend what the heck I'd been doing playing around with the comments on mine. Up to version 8 or 9 at last count.

Good to meet you at the weekend, and don't worry about the blog thing, just keep focussed on what you want it to be. Then tweak how you want it to look.

Alan Sloman said...

Hi shamus

Beer: Liquid inspiration

Love the pictures on your Landscape Blog too. Good luck with the blog - I shall stick a link up to you later this morning


Martin Rye said...

Ah! found you. Like it lots and the photos are superb - keep at it. I'll be in touch about blog stuff soon.

Shamus said...

Thanks for viewing fellas. I now have a new url for this blog. - I hope that is the last now. I have been trying to leave messages etc to tell you this but just realised that you probably have a comment reply to your email. I seem to be learning minute by minute!!!

Martin Rye said...

I'm learning all the time. I have put a link on my blog to this site - Duncan will teach you all that tech stuff so don't worry.

Till another time.

John Hee said...


BG! said...

It's a pity that I had to miss this gathering, it would have been good to meet you, FB.

Good luck with the blogging malarkey.



Shamus said...

Thanks Stef, Likewise. There would have indeed been a whole bunch of BGs.

WD said...

you can stop those incredible photos for a start. ;)

love the piccies, just blog from the heart and the passion for your subject will come through.

great to have met you, love the dogs they have real character.

Shamus said...

Thanks WD
I assume that's Darren??? I dont know how to identify folk on this yet :'(

But thanks for the compliment.

mike pitt said...

welcome to the world of blogging,i like stef was unable to attend the summer drinking party[camp] but you can read my blog at

good luck and great pictures

Shamus said...

Thanks Mike, I am off over to
to have peek right now.

Gayle E Bird said...

Hey Shamus!

Good to see that you got to grips with Blogger.

Look forward to reading more.

Now I'll pop over to my own Blog to see if I can remember how to edit it to add you to my Blogroll.

Shamus said...

Thanks Gayle / Mick

I shall pop over and have a peek, well I have done that already; so I shall make sure I do it again (more thoroughly)...