Sunday, 11 April 2010

Nun's Cross By Night

Night navigation seems to be featuring for the last few weeks or so. A couple of nights ago, my mate and I tootled off to find some more Dartmoor antiquities. Starting at Nun's Cross Farm, we made our way through various bronze age settlements and cairns to eventually walk the length of the Hingston Hill stone row.

Siward's Cross (Nun's Cross Farm) was our starting point. It was very dark but a 15 second exposure anda bit of back-light, provided by my headtorch, gave us the only photogtraphic opportunity of the night.


BG! said...

Cool pic, Shamus. Venus to the right of the Cross, and Mercury to the right of Venus. The "V" of Taurus (The Hyades) is prominent to the left of the head of the Cross, which is hiding The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. There's plenty of detail in there - nice one!

Shamus said...

Blimey, thanks BG, that's very helpful, I really should try hard in the astronomy department.

BTW my browser (IE7) has issues. and wants to close down when I view the comments on your website, is that something others have reported or is it just me?

BG! said...

Re. the IE closedown problem: I've had no bad reports from anybody else about this matter, IIRC. I've just had a look via IE8 and didn't get a closedown. FWIW, my blog's set up to look best via Firefox, and Safari sees it almost exactly the same as Firefox. IE messes with the fonts and alignments, and doesn't display things as intended - I'm told it's to do with the way IE misinterprets the code. Maybe it's time for you to give Firefox a try?

Hendrik Morkel said...

Great photo!

Re IE, it is a rotten browser and you should definitely give FireFox or Safari a spin.

Shamus said...

Thanks Hendrik. :-)

I think your right, I shall try firefox tonight and let you know how I get on with it in a few days time.

Leigh said...

That's a great shot! It inspired me to clean my screen so I could see which dots were stars and which were dust! Love the backlighting too.

(IE is a web-designer's nightmare - it needs a whole load of extra programming to make sure it displays properly, and that doesn't always work, which then just makes it a user's nightmare too. I would definitely recommend Safari or Firefox.)

Shamus said...

Thanks Leigh, :-)

I had intended swapping browsers this weekend but I have been out for a 30 mile charity walk - I must make the effort to do this tonight or tomorrow.